Marija Fazekas

About me

My name is Marija Fazekas, was born1972 in province Vojvodina in Serbia.
Since 1994 I’ve been living and working in Sweden.  

I was very interested of art already in early childhood. I drawn and painted all the time and my creations had often exhibited in school corridors and dining rooms.

Graphic Design- Art Academy in Serbia 4 year
Ceramic techniques – ABF Trelleborg in Sweden 5 terms
Graphic techniques - autodidactic

I like the nature, so my creations have often nature as theme. The old legends and different story from former times are also something I gladly use in my creations. The portrait painting is very special for me because I like the joy I can see in the viewers eyes. The different techniques I work with are oil and dry pastel, etching and ceramic.

I work with Quality Inspection at Alfa Laval in Lund, but I spend gladly my free time at modelling a clay,   engrave in copper sheet or beside of one sketchbook. I wish expound my self, learning new things and try to expound my style in the future.